Wendy Collier

Wendy Collier’s journey as a lightworker began as more of a feeling than a knowing. Her difficult life experiences as a child and young adult carved resilience, healing, and transformation in her character. So, she knew she was being prepared for something. She was living on her own at 16 years old, put herself through college, and got a degree in psychology because she felt called to help others heal, in particular adults who had been abused as children.

After college, though, she went into the corporate world. Pretty quickly she discovered that she wanted to do more - things that were more aligned with her SoulFuel.

Struggle is not spiritual,” ~Wendy Collier

Now, Wendy Collier empowers ambitious, accomplished, purpose-driven women to live free from the inside, out. She mentors entrepreneurs and those stuck in corporate on how to win the inner and outer game to design a business that IS their SoulFUEL™ so they may always live from the space of light and love. She shows women how to find the guts, smarts and confidence to profit from their passion and make a difference.

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-Uncover the passions you have that are most easily monetized
-Get crystal clear on the skills you have that are deeply fulfilling (and monetizable)
-Declare your area of specialty (and feel confident about it)
-Define your ideal client
-Claim your core values
-Create space and routines to bring in the new
-Raise your standards
-Expand your idea of what is possible for YOUR life

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