Stephanie Bellinger

For six years, Stephanie was in an abusive relationship. Taking her power back from that experience was a huge piece of what catapulted her on this journey.

Then she launched a huge, successful personal training business making five figures a month - only to see it crumble around her. She was struggling with negative false beliefs around money and without doing the inner work of learning how to drop those beliefs and truly step into her power, she knows there was no way she would have been able to receive and hold on to abundance.

Now, Stephanie is known at the Spiritual Boss Babe and her business is on fire. It is her mission to help other women shine their light bright AF, step into their power, and create a life and business that sets their SOUL on fire, so they can make a massive impact and income.

Free Gift:

Stephanie is offering two incredible opportunities for us to continue to heal our own relationship with money and get our mindset straight.

Her free gift (worth $111) is called Tribe Magic, which is a five-day challenge to help massively grow your audience online.

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Special Offer:

Stephanie’s special paid offer (for $97 or 3 payments of $37) is called Aligned AF Masterclass. This is a three-day Masterclass to upgrade your money magic and get aligned as f*&k at creating what you want! The feedback she has received from her clients who have gone through this masterclass has been overwhelmingly positive and not something to be missed! You will learn the truth about money, the power behind feeling, and her #1 go-to money manifesting ritual - and so much more!

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