Paola Castro

Have you ever stepped back and considered the fact that there are trillions of cells working for us so that we can have this human experience? That we breathe since the moment we were born, and we don’t have to think about it? That our heart beats 100,000 times a day because there’s an intelligence that loves us so much that it wants us to be here right now?

In this interview, Paola shares that this is the innate abundance that we can tap into in every moment. “We need to develop the inner eye to catch how miraculous this life is, and what I have seen in my life is that when you are in that space, when you are dwelling in that space and you see the abundance and prosperity in every single detail of existence, then the financial prosperity flows to you,” Paola states.

Paola is an author, speaker and intuitive coach. In the last 10 years she has been a student dedicated to learning from the mysticism of life and human behavior. Since 2012 she has been assisting her audience in their growth and internal healing. In simple but profound ways, she guides with the wisdom and tools gathered through her studies and experience in the field of personal and spiritual development.

She is currently a facilitator of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith's "The Answer Is You" course at a wonderful Holistic Center in Costa Rica called ‘Rythmia Life Advancement Center’. Her style is charged with peace, love and assertiveness, a formula that resonates with those who are on their own journey of expansion and search for inner light.

In this interview, she shares the four stages of consciousness and how we can shift our experience by tapping into each stage.

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