Ming Chee

Ming Chee’s ex-husband left her on Christmas Eve. In the middle of the night. He left without warning, and Ming was forced to shoulder the burden of a $4,000/month mortgage, not to mention a broken heart.

But she knew one thing: She had to keep a higher vibration. And that is what she did.

She was able to turn this situation around completely, and now is known as The Money Alchemist. She shares how she helps others find the “kink” in their relationship to money, and how easy it can be to shift out of that space and transform their financial lives.

Dr. Ming Chee, Spiritual Money Alchemist and Certified Reiki Master, Reiki Fur Babies. A Master teacher healer devoted to metaphysical healing and transformational guidance for co-creating personal alchemy towards energetic freedom and abundance.

Dr. Ming Chee has coached countless people in creating their own abundance. She has participated in webinars, group chats, public presentations, and retreats, and has already co-authored Being Present to Serve: The secret to manifesting money. She is continuously connected to the energy of Money and she loves teaching people how to obtain the same connection and attain a wealth mindset.

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Ming is offering a FREE copy of her new book, “Money Blues to Blue Money: Alchemy for Creating Everlasting Wealth”

This wonderful book is not your typical Self-help, How-to, Step-by-Step workbook reading. This is a story that revolves around the author's own personal experience from struggling financially to financial independence and how she discovered the equation of Money. She shares her lessons, her "ah ha" moments, her revelations, and most importantly her practices for tuning into an everlasting connection with Money. Dr. Ming Chee changed her relationship with Money and believes everyone has the power within themselves to do the same.

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