Lloyd Burnett

It seems counter-intuitive, even ridiculous to our ego-minds, to say that fear and limiting beliefs have power we can harness for good.

But that is exactly what Lloyd Burnett so eloquently shares in this powerful interview.

Lloyd Burnett is a life coach, spiritual teacher, and writer. He supports healing professionals in getting their gifts out into the world and accessing their inherent right to abundance.

Fear is energy rich,” Lloyd says. By diving into fear, showing love to our shadows, we can transform our lives and learn how to love unconditionally. Friction builds energy, and energy is what we need to burn through the walls we’ve placed across our own paths.

Another beautiful point Lloyd argues is that we are stuck in a manifestation trap. We need to use the energy harnessed from our fears to create STRUCTURE and systems so we can shift into a new level of manifestation - Manifestation 2.0.

"Right now, my mission on this planet is to work with lightworkers to create human-driven systems to catch manifestation.” ~Lloyd Burnett

I just love that. He is SO fun to interview - check him out!

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