Kim Valeri

Kim Valeri almost died in a car accident. She was cut out of her car with the jaws of life. In the emergency room, she had an out-of-body experience where she saw herself lying in the hospital bed being resuscitated. She heard a voice ask, “Do you choose life or death? Because you’ve been choosing death so far.”

She chose life. She chose light. And soon after that is when she discovered yoga and from there, ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). It healed her body, mind and spirit and she began sharing what she’d learned with the world.

Kim Valeri uses yoga therapy and ayurvedic counseling to serve others since 1997. She is the Founder and CEO of YogaSpirit Studios, and she has been known in the industry for twenty years as a teacher, healer and transformational lifestyle catalyst.

In her incredible interview, she outlines how the three ayurvedic aspects of our constitutions can affect your business and your ability to manifest money.

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