Jessica Riverson

Thirteen years ago, Jessica Riverson was 25 years old and a single mom of a five year old son. She was a college dropout and had worked from home for years, but she wanted to be able to leverage her time with a proven system. So she actually sold her HOUSE to pay for a tutoring franchise… but that’s where things started to get tough.

She found herself freezing up the second a potential client would ask, “What do you charge?” Before she knew it, she was offering discounts upon discounts, completely ashamed and uncomfortable.

This is when she realized she was projecting her own money beliefs on to her clients. That’s when everything changed.

Now, Jessica is a Feminine Leader and CEO of Permission to Charge where she empowers female coaches, healers and leaders to create, market and sell high-value, soul-aligned programs for between 5K and 50K (without burning out in their masculine).

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