Jackie Woodside

Your vibe, Jackie Woodside shares, is comprised of your B.E.A.T. - your beliefs, emotions, attitudes and thoughts. There is an energy to each of these, and this creates your vibratory pattern.

She shares some beautiful stories with us about times when she needed money, and rather than worry about how the money would show up, they began the process of the Money Vibe method.

“You’d have to do ten summits for me to share all of these stories... When you really live and believe in that flow, it’s extraordinary.”

Join Jackie Woodside (and her adorable cat Love Bug) join us to share the powerful Money Vibe strategy where she teaches how to change our relationship to money, which of course, changes everything.

“Financial freedom is to not worry about money, whether you have it or not.” ~ Jackie Woodside

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Money Vibe Method 30-Day Challenge and the Money Vibe Method Webinar. The 30-Day Challenge is a month long process where you set an intention of how much unexpected income you want to bring into your life and then every day for 30 days you get an email with an intention to hold, affirmation to repeat and an action to take. The Money Vibe Webinar is a free 30 minute session teaching the principles in her Money Vibe book.

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