Elena Lipson

Elena Lipson immigrated to the Eastern coast of the U.S. at a young age. She watched her parents work themselves to the bone, and she continued the same “hustle” approach to her career - coming in early, working on weekends, pushing herself to the limit. She loved her work, but her health started to fail. When she had her child, her body literally crashed and she developed an autoimmune disorder.

She had to learn how to take care of herself, first and foremost. She now lives by the feminine metrics of success which are: pleasure, play, ease, grace, and trusting our own pace.

Elena Lipson is the Divine Self-Care Mentor, speaker, transformational coach and retreat leader. She is the creator of 66 Sacred Rituals, The Divine Self-Care Circle, The Virtual Retreat Academy, and the Meditations & Musings Podcast.

Elena’s work is for women who are ready to say YES to reawakening their divine feminine and redefining the hustle in exchange for creating a life they love with the NEW metrics of success, Pleasure, Play, Ease Grace and DOING LESS while making MORE.

Through her speaking, writing, retreats, and online programs, Elena works with incredible women all over the world to help them become the #1 asset in their life, business, and the bedroom. Elena helps women reconnect to their intuition and reclaim their voice and body-wisdom.

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She offers an incredible free gift called “Magic Morning with Elena.” It is a three-step recipe for success, resonance, and well-being through developing a magical morning practice.

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