“Money is not a path to freedom.” Demetria launches this session with this powerful statement, and our soul session is rife with beautiful pieces of wisdom like this.

Before stepping in to her heart’s path as a lightworker, Demetria worked for as a CPA for a firm where each client must have at least a million dollar income. But, as she shares, they were not free.

Money represents flow, she argues. It represents circulation. It’s analogous to red blood cells in the body - their job is to carry nutrients throughout the different organs.

She goes on to say, “We would never wake up in the morning and say, ‘I need to hustle to make red blood cells today.’”

Demetria is a certified intuitive energy practitioner and authentic freedom activator. She hosted the “Soul Freedom Summit” a series that featured 24 guests including well renowned Hay House author and podcaster Davidji, Wayne Dyer’s favorite healer Mira Kelley, E! entertainment host Pirie Jones, and Best-Selling Author Morgana Rae. Her mission is to inspire and light the fire of transformation in the heart of humanity individually and collectively awakening from the dream of “themselves” into the divinity of “ourselves” by assisting us in releasing belief systems and paradigms that no longer match the eternal guiding principle of the soul’s wisdom. She has theta healing, advanced theta healing, and Angel Alchemy certifications. Her background as a CPA and investigator serving low-wage communities gave her enormous capacity to understand and transcend the various entrapments of the ego and victim consciousness and discover the divine genius and true power of the soul. She is committed to helping you balance every aspect of life through this awareness.

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Soul Dream Map is a quick form that asks key questions that Demetria developed in meditation to help guide you to access the voice of the heart. I know I’m so excited to learn how to access this wisdom as Demetria teaches. After all, freedom comes from knowing your soul’s dream!

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