Ananda Finnikin

Alchemy is the art of transformation. For example, transforming lack into abundance by shifting your energy. Sounds simple right?

Of course, it’s a journey. And Ananda has walked that journey. She almost died giving birth to her second child, her daughter was in the hospital for two months, and during that time her grandfather was murdered. Throughout this “insane time,” as she calls it, her dreams helped guide her to survive when all hope seemed to be lost.

Now, Ananda is an author, abundance alchemist, spiritual catalyst, intuitive soul coach, and the author of the book, “The Alchemy of Abundance.”

I love that she offers a very straightforward way to tap into our power to alchemize lack into abundance in our life. She suggests that you write two lists each day - “Today I release” and “Today I receive.”

Free Gift:

Ananda is offering a FREE copy of her incredible book, “The Alchemy of Miracles.” This is not an ordinary book. It’s an experience. It’s an absolutely gorgeous spiritual tool box of guided meditations, rituals, intuitive exercises, posters, crystal grids and other goodies to help you tap into your personal magic and manifest your big beautiful vision.

Each chapter, meditation and exercise in this book is designed to take you deeper into the process of soulful manifestation so that you can experience the fullness of abundance in every aspect of your life.

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